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RAJAR Q1 2013 – London

I’ve updated the previous entry, but I thought it was worth giving London an entry of its own because not only have I added back a Motion Chart of the London marketplace, but there’s significantly more data underlying it than I’ve managed for the national chart.
Now you can examine the marketplace in lots of sub-demos including age groups, socio-economic class, sex and digital listening.
That all makes for plenty of interesting trends over time. Examine the growth of digital listening in the capital, with Radio 4 leading the way. Or see how once upon a time, Kiss had 15-24s to itself, but in recent times Radio 1 and Capital have improved in this area, while Kiss has seen its share fall. Or see how Radio 4 is serving more 65+ year olds than ever before (well since Q1 2000 when this data starts).
Lots to play with.

And for a bigger-screen experience, look at the larger version.
Source: RAJAR/Ipsos-MORI/RSMB, period ending 31 March 2013, Adults 15+.
Disclaimer: These are my own views, although they’re based on work I’ve done for Absolute Radio, and through whom I get access to the data. I also sit on the RAJAR Technical Management Group representing commercial radio. Just so you know.