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Solargraphy Experiment
When I was up in Derby earlier in the year for the Format festival, I ran across Leicester Lo-Fi Photography . They were helping people build their own pinhole cameras. So I made one using an old Coke can.
I put this camera, gaffer-taped to the wall by the window where I sit, and left it for three weeks. This is the result.
That streak across the top is probably some Coke that hadn’t been completely drunk. A bit of a shame, but this truly is a basic camera – photographic paper inside the camera with just a pinhole letting light in. The photo has been inverted and flipped to get the correct perspective.
In the background you can just about make out the BT Tower. Interestingly, in the foreground is a building that started to get clad in scaffolding while the camera was out. But you can barely see that because it was only there for roughly half the time.
Anyway, a very successful first attempt. I need to make some more now!