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King’s Cross Square Open

King's Cross Square Open
This morning King’s Cross Square was finally open.
King's Cross Square Open 2
For many months now, King’s Cross has been a construction site as first they built the new concourse, and then dismantled the ugly 1970s facade. Now the original frontage has been revealed.
Some Final "Snagging" At King's Cross Square
There’s still a bit of “snagging” to complete – workers rush to finish the last corner before the grand opening.
King's Cross Square Lectern
I’ve no idea who’ll be officially opening the square – but my money’s on Boris. This will be the lectern that they use anyway.
New Healthy Fast Food
They continue to try to make us eat more healthily.
There Are A Couple of Teething Problems
But there’s the odd teething problem.
Coming Live With Living Statues
I’m not sure quite why they hired so many living statues, but I suppose they needed a “thing.”
More Excited To See News Reporter Than New Square
Either way, the living statues alongside an actual news reporter seemed to be the most exciting thing for most commuters/travellers/passers-by.