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Things I Can Live Without in 2014

Life’s too short. So in 2014 I will mostly* be living without the following:

Awards Ceremonies

I exclude any awards that I might be nominated for- unlikely though that is. What I means is Oscars, Brits, Grammys, Comedy Awards, Television Awards etc. The only one I’ll miss is perhaps the BAFTAs although the fact that there are spoilers ahoy online because they don’t broadcast it live makes it pretty pointless. I just don’t care about who wins what. I can make up my own mind whether a film/TV series/album is any good thanks.

Reality shows

I don’t watch a great deal of these anyway. I even gave up on my guilty pleasure – Strictly – last time around. But in the past I’ve watched the more serious-minded The Apprentice and Dragon’s Den. But no more. They’re well past their best, and in the case of The Apprentice, seem to be more about fame-hungry fools looking for any route to other reality TV shows. Hours of my life saved.

HBO/Sky Atlantic’s Girls

I watched the first two series against my better judgement, but it’s not funny, they live comfortable lives whilst claiming otherwise, and I don’t like any of the characters. I’ll stick to TV series I actually enjoy however hip or otherwise they are. See also This Life.

Retweeting Any Link to the Daily Mail

Nothing new there. I won’t be part of your link bait.

New Social Networks

Yes – I installed Jelly the day it came out. But has it helped me so far? Nope. I’ve got enough networks already thanks. I rarely use Instagram. I’m still finding my feet with Pinterest. Facebook still hasn’t updated me to their new (last March) look. And Twitter is busy annoying me with it’s mobile app. Why do I need any more.

Buying a New Device on Release Day

I’ve talked about this before, but the insatiable “must be first” desire means that some poor sod in China is working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day so that I can have the latest and greatest must-have instantly on release.

These aren’t exactly New Year’s Resolutions, which is why I can write them several weeks later.

* If I fail at this, I reserve the right not to tell you. Particularly that social media one if something really good comes along.