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Hot Battery

Note: This post is only likely to be of interest to some Sony Xperia Z3 users. I’m writing it as much as anything in case solutions should surface via Google.

I’m having some fun and games at the moment with my Sony Xperia Z3 compact. It’s only a few months old, and I bought it because it was said to have exceptional battery life. And it does… sometimes.

I seem to hammer mobile batteries. Perhaps it’s my unique mix of apps, but I’ve been through a few phones over the last 18 months and pretty much kill batteries on all of them.

Sony has recently rolled out Lollipop on the phone and I’m not sure if that’s partially at the root of my problems. While I’m on 5.02, Google is just now rolling out 5.1.1. Some of these bug fixes may be battery related – I’m not too sure.

My current problem is curious. I have the phone on charge all night using a Sony charger, but the phone is pretty warm come the morning. Then it dissipates power – and heat – quickly. I might loose 10% of charge within the few minutes of me waking up and leaving the house.

I tend to use the phone to listen to music or podcasts on the way to work, and the charge is lost more slowly. The phone cools. As I type this now, we’re midway through the afternoon, and the phone is cool to the touch, and the battery life sits at 51%. That should get me through the rest of the day fairly comfortably. Although had it not lost power so quickly at the start of the day, I’d be in an even healthier position.

I’m using WiFi, and check the phone regularly at work.

But there’s obviously some process that’s happening at the start of the day that’s draining battery power. It lessens over time, and the phone regains its power.

All very peculiar.