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“We’ve Updated Our Privacy Policy”

Occassionally you get an email with the subject line above. It’ll be from some digital service provider that you use. The company has made some changes, and is letting you know.

I got one of these yesterday. The essence of it was: “We’re making some changes for [REASONS] and we’re just writing to let you know. Please take some time to review the new policy. Thanks!”

Of course they know you’re not going to do that.

But the company has discharged a legal responsibility.

What do you mean you didn’t read the 5,000 word document they linked to? Well it’s your own fault.

How about this? If you make changes to your privacy policies, you explain the broad changes to users in straightforward language.

A recent report, Growing Up Digital, detailed issues facing todays kids in a digital world. Within it was a great rewrite of Instagram’s terms and conditions. They normally run to 5,000 words, but a lawyer from Schillings rewrote them as a one page summary in language applicable to not just kids, but just about anybody. It’s on page 10 of the report. You might want to check it out if you use Instagram.