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Radio Times: Christmas Day TV

Happy Christmas!

Thanks to the regular readers of this blog, and anyone who visits at this time of year, just because they’re desperate to find something to watch on TV. I mean, what were you going to do otherwise? Watch that dodgy sounding Will Smith film on Netflix? Binge watch The Crown? Argue over whether to watch Coronation St or Call The Midwife? Or watch none of the things you actually want to watch today, and instead look forward to catching up with them on iPlayer when you’re not having to be deferential to your family?

While there have been lots of articles about how we don’t all watch the same things at Christmas any more, tell that to the millions who’ll end up watching Mrs Brown’s Boys (No – I don’t get it either, but I do understand that others like it). Or Strictly. Or Doctor Who. Or Victoria. Or Bake Off.

Anyway, here are my selections.

Click here to see a nice large version.

And in case you didn’t know, I’ve been doing these for a few years now!