A Sheringham Soundscape

Sheringham Beach-3

Recorded along the coast during a near high-tide this morning. The promenade in Sheringham was quite badly damaged during December 2013 storms, and more than two years later, there is still work being carried out to repair some of that damage.

The audio is a mix of different sounds with some “treatment” particularly to the workmen repairing some of the metalwork.

Kite Videography – Sheringham at Easter

Kite Videography: Easter in Sheringham from Adam Bowie on Vimeo.

Here’s another video I shot recently with my Sony AS15 hanging underneath a ktie. Not the greatest day, and very similar to a previous video shot over Christmas. But this time it was shot at a high framerate (120fps) and then slowed down to a quarter of that speed to significantly reduce the motion.