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Shortest Night

Last night I went along to a BBC Four screening of a series of short films. The enterprise is called Shortest Night, and in about three weeks, BBC Four will seemingly be showing these and many others on, what is, the shortest night of the year. Somehow, I think Swedes will be otherwise occupied on that day.
The first film was a very strange, supposedly Russian “test” film of pelting a woman with potatoes.
But we soon got to what was a wonderful and totally unexpected surprise – Rendezvous. I’d never heard of this short film until earlier this year when I read an article about the film. It’s a very simple concept. A camera is strapped to front of a fast car (a Ferrari?), and in the early hours one morning, it’s driven around Paris at exceptional speeds. It’s breathtaking, because you know it’s real.
I’m looking forward to recording it for posterity in a few weeks time (fifteen quid for an 8 minute film is a bit much!).
There were other equally weird films, although the most memorable was a film with simply words on the screen voicing the real thoughts of several protaganists, who’s phone calls we hear.
And there was a funny Swedish film – Svitjod 2000+ – about extending Sweden’s population.
I look forward to rewatching the collection, and more.