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New Fan

Scary – I finally got around to fitting a new fan to my main PC. The problem was that every time I came to rebooting it, the motherboard made beeping noises at me, and I had to wait a few minutes for it to cool down. This is surely not a good thing!
So now I’ve replaced it with a Coolermaster thing that I got at PC World (well I wanted something in a hurry. Relatively easy to fit, although the old fan was a bugger to get out without damaging nearby RAM chips and the like.
I wasn’t impressed by the instructions which came with the fan which were minimal in the extreme. And an instruction to add some special gel, but to apply neither too much nor too little, without any measurements given, wasn’t exactly easy to follow.
I suppose the next thing would be to see if I can upgrade this PC’s processor much on my current motherboard. Every time I look, I get seriously conflicting results. One step at a time I guess.