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Ipod Killer

So the iPod is, what, over two and a half years old now? My big question is why no-one has quite launched the iPod killer. Yes I know that the iRiver is pretty damn good and about a hundred quid cheaper than the equivalent iPod, but why aren’t there cheap Taiwanese or Chinese versions around – I mean really cheap? I’m amazed that there aren’t. Today’s Guardian Online lists a couple of other entrants in the market, but we’re not talking mega-cheap. I know there are loads of Apple evangelists out there who can’t understand why I wouldn’t want the overpriced, yet beautiful simplicity of an iPod, but I want something with a big hard drive that plays mp3s and is relatively cheap. If I want a personal CD player – there’s the full range to go for, but essentially from 19.99 to 199.99 they all play CDs. That’s what I’m talking about.
I’m also slightly disturbed about the quasi-religious fervour with which some people talk about their iPods. I was reading the new issue of the excellent Word magazine, but as a magazine with several pages regularly devoted to all things iPod, someone really ought to tell them that “other music players are available”.