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Oyster Cards

The London news today is that the Mayor is giving away 100,000 free Oyster Cards to people who don’t yet have one. This is an attempt by Transport for London to get some of the die hards who’ve not yet got one, to get around to picking one up.
Ordinarily you have to pay a “deposit” of £3 to get one. Once you have one, you’re entitled to discounted public transport tickets… Well I say “discounted”, when what I really mean is that, if you don’t have an Oyster Card, you have to pay significantly more for your travel.
Why is this initiative limited to 100,000? Why doesn’t TfL just make Oyster Cards free for everyone all the time? You see, while I might have “Big Brother” issues with the ability of the authorities to track you around London, I have an even bigger issue with the fact that the really big losers are tourists and visitors to London.
Why should a tourist have to fill out a form, put down a “deposit” for a plastic card, just to travel around London at a reasonable cost? Sure, they can get their cash back at the end of their visit, but who’s really going to bother with that? And I’m not just talking about overseas visitors – I’m also talking about those who come from other parts of the UK to visit London. It’s just not fair.