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Stolen Biscuits

Do you know the story of the “stolen” biscuits? Two strangers sitting somewhere in public – perhaps at a train station café. One dips into the other’s biscuits. Insensed, the other person does the terribly British thing of not saying anything but pointedly helping themselves to “their” biscuits. This continues for several minutes until the packet is finished. Only then does one of the two realise that they’d not actually opened their own packet.
That probably makes no sense. Instead, for a better telling, read Douglas Adams’ So Long, And Thanks For All the Fish for a good variant of it. I think that this is where I first came across the story, but in fact it’s something of an urban myth.
I mention all this because every few months or so, I like to see what Chloé Micout’s been up to. She’s a French short film-maker, who I first came across a couple of years ago. One of her more recent films is based around this very tale. It’s only a minute long, so go and see it on her site (Go to films, and select Les petits sablés – I can’t link directly because it’s all embedded in evil Flash. But it does also seem to be available on YouTube.