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Strictly Come Dancing Results Recorded and not Live

Here’s a question… Is the Strictly Come Dancing results show live?
Well here’s the answer. No. It’s recorded on Saturday night.
Previously, Strictly Come Dancing has been an all Saturday affair. After the main programme, viewers were invited to vote while they watched the National Lottery show. Then the programme returned for the results. All done and dusted in one evening.
This year, for reasons no way related to increasing Sunday night ratings, the results show has been bulked up a bit, with a dance off, and moved to Sunday.
Now it’s perfectly possible that Brucie, and audience, and all the judges could all come back on Sunday for the results. But there’s a problem with this. Two of the judges (Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli), and possibly the voiceover guy and one or two producers, all need to get over to the US for Tuesday night’s Dancing With The Stars on ABC. They have a results show on Wednesday – mainly because with a variety of timezones, fitting everything over one evening isn’t possible (Hawaiians would never get to vote, and East coast audiences would probably have to stay up until midnight to discover the winner).
So for Len Goodman, the senior judge, he’s probably looking at a schedule something like this:
Friday – Rehearsals at the BBC
Saturday – Record show at the BBC
Sunday – Rest
Monday – Fly to LA and attend rehearsals
Tuesday – Record show at ABC
Wednesday – Record results show at ABC
Thursday – Fly to London
You could remove that Sunday rest day, but he’s 65, so he needs a little time off, even if he is traipsing back and forth across the Atlantic in first class.
So why is it obvious that it’s not live on Sunday, and recorded after 9pm on Saturday evening? Well, that’s because 9pm is the cut-off time for getting your votes in on Saturday night.
That, and the fact that tickets to the show are only distributed for Saturdays.
The major problem with recording a reality show like this is that the losers (and winners) are bound to leak in advance. I guess that if you care about the programme you’ll just have to learn not to read the Sunday tabloids (or broadsheets) and avoid internet message boards.