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Voting on Strictly Come Dancing

OK, OK. I watch SCD as it’s known to afficiandos. Anyway, I have a serious question. In these days of total accountability, why does the BBC not publish absolute voting numbers for the programme.
The reason that I, or anyone else watching the programme, am interested, is that on Sunday, the two celebrities who faced a “dance off” were Gabby Logan and Penny Lancaster Stewart. Gabby lost the vote and was out of the programme. Except that she’s quite a talented lady who was a gymnast in her youth, and can dance well. Penny Lancaster Stewart has also excelled – particularly this week.
In other words, the fanbase of the celebrities amongst the public seems to be more important.
Obviously this is a reality show, and the results don’t matter in the slightest. But nonetheless, every call we make costs us money (albeit, money going to charity). So why doesn’t the Beeb publish accurate results?
To put this in context, the BBC felt the need to respond to complaints about voting this week, referring viewers to the competition’s terms and conditions.
But there are a couple of questions that remain unanswered:
1) If we’re voting for the celebrities’ performance while dancing, why are phone lines open from the previous weekend? A “vote early, vote often” behaviour prevails as a consequence. Indeed, there’s no reason why systems can’t prevent viewers voting more than once per telephone account.
2) Why doesn’t the BBC publish the results. Some celebrities might be embarrassed, but that’s nothing compared to the embarrassment that Kate Garraway must feel, still being in the competition.
When I can get the answers to these questions, then I’ll be happy.