Dead Set

I’ll write more about this perhaps at a later date, but it suitably scary and a thoroughly enjoyable piece of drama. Obviously influenced heavily in style by 28 Days Later, but still excellent. How many times did I find myself saying “If only… If only…”?
I see that it got a very strong audience of 1.19m. But I do wonder about the sense of E4 not to run a trailer for part 2 or let the audience know that Dead Set is airing every night this week.
The Spooks-like lack of credits, and the disappearance of the E4 DOG were ordained by the producers. So it’s quite possible that the no-trailer idea was also theirs. But still…
E4 scheduled Dead Set in a one hour ten minute slot. I somehow suspect that it’d actually comfortably fit into an hour slot, but they were packing their biggest show of the night with ads. C4 and its spin-off channels are making a habit of the “long” hour. The Neil Morrissey vehicle tonight is scheduled to run 1:05, as is Desperate Housewives tomorrow. This is a show that happily fits in a one hour slot in the US, so as I’ve said before, we see more ads on these shows that US viewers do.

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  1. I didn’t even notice the absence of the DOG, thanks for pointing it out.
    The reason for lack of trailers might be because subsequent episodes are so short. By the time you’d watched a trailer there wouldn’t be much left!

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