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Dead Set

I’ll write more about this perhaps at a later date, but it suitably scary and a thoroughly enjoyable piece of drama. Obviously influenced heavily in style by 28 Days Later, but still excellent. How many times did I find myself saying “If only… If only…”?
I see that it got a very strong audience of 1.19m. But I do wonder about the sense of E4 not to run a trailer for part 2 or let the audience know that Dead Set is airing every night this week.
The Spooks-like lack of credits, and the disappearance of the E4 DOG were ordained by the producers. So it’s quite possible that the no-trailer idea was also theirs. But still…
E4 scheduled Dead Set in a one hour ten minute slot. I somehow suspect that it’d actually comfortably fit into an hour slot, but they were packing their biggest show of the night with ads. C4 and its spin-off channels are making a habit of the “long” hour. The Neil Morrissey vehicle tonight is scheduled to run 1:05, as is Desperate Housewives tomorrow. This is a show that happily fits in a one hour slot in the US, so as I’ve said before, we see more ads on these shows that US viewers do.