DAB/Internet Radio Question

Perhaps someone out there can answer me this:
Is there a DAB/FM/Internet Radio out there that can also record to SD card (or hard disk, I guess)?
The closest I can find are Pure’s Evoke Flow and the Roberts Stream 202 neither of which appear to be able to make timed recordings.
On the other hand, there are also DAB devices with SD Card slots, but no WiFi radio built in. Any thoughts? Is such a device just around the corner?


  1. The ever so “beautiful” PURE ‘The Bug’ has an SD slot in the back to make timed or live recordings. It also has a mini-USB connector on the back to access the SD card memory back on a PC or Mac. However, one word of warning, the rocker navigation on ‘The Bug’ is seriously flawed in my opinion (had 2, both broke.)

  2. Thanks Andy. Yes – I’ve used The Bug before too – at work. The timer recording is fine, but it’s not an intuitive radio, and crucially, there’s no WiFi or internet radio built into it.
    The Roberts Sound 41 looks a little better, and were it again not for the lack of WiFi radio, that’d suit me perfectly. The Robert Gemini 55 would also offer the functionality I’m seeking.
    I notice that Revo also has a variety of radios, some of which have DAB and WiFi, and some which feature DAB and SD card recording functionality. But again, frustratingly, there doesn’t seem to be a device combining them all.
    Any other ideas anyone?

  3. Sorry, not an answer but a related question. What are (or should be) the radio industry’s legal and business concerns about FM/DAB/Internet radios including recording capabilities?
    In the US XM Radio (satellite) got into trouble with a recording enabled device – but XM controlled both broadcast and device. Tivo hasn’t had the legal problems, but did not endear themselves to the TV industry with their PVR.

  4. There’s been no problem with the radio industry at all. After all, people are going to listen to more radio if they’re able to record programming that they’d otherwise have missed.
    I’m sure the music industry might have some different feelings. But like Tivo/PVRs, and VCR/Cassette Decks before them, there’s little that they can really do. UK copyright law says that you can record broadcasts for the purpose of letting the recording be “viewed or listened to at a more convenient time.”
    Indeed there’s something called the Intempo Rebel which records an FM radio station and edits out adverts, DJ chat and so on, to leave you with 40 or so key tracks from that station. I understand it works best if you let it “listen” to a full day’s output.
    I’d say that overall, DAB radios that allow listeners to either “rewind live radio” (Tivo-like) or schedule recordings, are seen as exciting new features that sell more radios and help market the DAB format.

  5. Adam
    Did you arrive at a conclusion to your dilema? I have the same query and have beensearching everywhere for the right combination & features.

  6. Hi Stephen,
    Sadly I haven’t found a solution. It seems to be DAB plus SD Card or DAB plus WiFi. I can’t find any combo units that have both. I don’t believe that such a beast currently exists.

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