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Some Random Things

It’s Up For Grabs Now is a very good new podcast about Arsenal presented by Alan Davies and some of his mates. There are four episodes so far, and they’re all excellent including yesterday’s which deals with Thierry Henry and Ireland, the Sunderland game at the weekend, and even Spurs.
The podcast comes from a company called PlayBack Media who produce a variety of other podcasts, all with comedians or presenters. And the Arsenal one, at least, is very professionally recorded. It’ll be interesting to see if they can earn some revenues and make the business pay.
They’ve effectively used Facebook Group pages as their home pages, which is fine, and efficiently ties in social media aspects. But when it comes to getting the podcasts I can’t find a non-iTunes route. That’s fine for me, but no good for my less-IT-literate friends.
[Quick Update] I note that these podcasts are being put together by Paul Myers, who I assume is the same man who was/is behind Wippit. Regular readers will know that he’s had mixed fortunes in the past – notably over his dealings with Danny Baker.
Hopefully this won’t end the same way as that did. Perhaps the market for paid-for podcasts like The All Day Breakfast Show was too nascent. I’ll watch with interest…

I’m including this purely for Google purposes as it’s something that really annoyed me for weeks and weeks.
Regular readers may know that I’ve struggled repeatedly with the Nokia Ovi store. Basically, since it launched, I’d been unable to log in.
On a PC it was fine. I’ve had a Nokia login for ages, and it still works. Ovi, in its previous guise as just a backup engine, had also worked. But try as I might, I couldn’t log in on my phone. And downloading anything from the Ovi store involves logging in on your phone.
The solution came from here. I was trying to log in on my Nokia N82. I’m on Orange in the UK. But I repeatedly was given error messages.
It turns out that it was because I was using “Orange GPRS WAP” to connect to the internet (Why is a good question – but is based on an excellent price I get from Orange). If I change this to “Orange Internet” it works!
All that said, the Ovi store still leaves an awful lot to be desired. It’s just not a friendly user experience finding anything interesting.