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Sky One After Harry Hill… Again

I don’t blame a presenter trying to maximise their value, but if reports are true, then Harry Hill is shortly going to be signing a deal with Sky One and leaving ITV.
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.
In March last year they were after Harry again, as well as Gavin and Stacey. That didn’t work out. But they’re having another bash. You just know that this is a bad idea. I won’t repeat arguments I’ve already made.
Of course, with Hill’s contract at an end, his management company, Avalon, will be doing their best. But this would undoubtedly be a bad move. And I speak as someone who subscribes to Sky One.
Have you seen the new Bill Bailey show on Sky One? I have. It has Joe Swash in it. Yes him.
I like Bill Bailey. And we know he, like Rory McGrath, is a keen birder. But this programme is awful. One epsiode was enough for me.
On TV Burp, Harry makes fun of lots of ITV shows, and belittles some of the really awful ones. But he quite likes the soaps really. How can you work for a network, most of who’s home-grown programming deserves the Harry Hill trademark sideways turn towards the camera?
Moreover, the next time someone at Sky is claiming that Sky One is the new HBO, remember that HBO has not become what it is today by “poaching” big shows from the major networks.
How about actually developing and creating your own comedies? I know that’s not easy, but it puts you on a much sounder footing in the long term.