Written by Video


When it became clear that it was going to snow fairly heavily near my flat last night, I thought it might be fun to put some timelapse videos together. Indeed, that might be a good idea, but I’m not convinced that I managed the best implementation ever.
This first video is the worst. It’s the view from my kitchen window ledge, and was created using a Canon A470 with CHDK to allow it to run an intervalmeter program. So I left it going overnight taking one picture a minute, and in this video each image represents three frames. Unfortunately, the battery had died by morning, so I’m left with a somewhat dull and very grainy video taken overnight.

The second video was taken using a video camera that was powered. It shows the street outside my flat and the houses opposite. The video was created by taking 0.5 sec of footage every minute, with the resulting video sped up by about 500%.

Not a lot of excitement took place overnight, but there lots of movement during the day. I’ve added a timecode which just about reflects the real time. Spot the multiple refuse collections during the day, the movements of cars and neighbours, and not much more. The snow was relatively constant but not all that heavy, and you don’t really see it develop. But you do here excerpts of my clock radio in the morning, and an alarm that went off when I was out in the evening.