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A Video

This is a short video I made a few weeks ago at the seaside in Broadstairs. Featured are my brother and his family, so you may well not be interested.
But it’s shot on Super 8 – Kodak Ektachrome 100D to be precise – and filmed with the same Canon Auto Zoom 318M that my dad has had since sometime around 1974. It’s probably not seen a film in it since around 1984 or so. But a couple of AA batteries and it was up and running.
The Widescreen Centre in London sells Super 8 film, and gets it processed (in Berlin I believe), and then telecined into a digital format for editing.
I’m quite pleased with the outcome, and plan to shoot a few more rolls. Be warned – it is an expensive process!

At The Beach from Adam Bowie on Vimeo.