Written by Misc

Observed #1

A couple are kissing passionately alongside a train that’s about to depart from platform 8 at KIngs Cross sometime around midnight. Another couple, hurrying towards platform 11 observe the scene and discuss it:
Her: “Aah. They’re in love.”
Him: “No. They’ve only just met this evening.”
Her: “No – they’re definitely in love.”
Him: “You’re so naiive. He just pulled her this evening…”

Saturday daytime outside St Pancras. A group of four mostly middle-aged women are wearing black vest tops with “Kim’s Hen 2010” emblazoned on the front, and “London, Baby” on the back. I guess that Las Vegas fell through. One of the group is much younger than the rest turns out to be the daughter of one of the other women. This leads me to suspect that this may not be “Kim’s” first hen night ever. Could Kim be the mother? And how often does she have hen nights? Are you entitled to one every time you get married?