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Prom 54: Sibelius’s Second Symphony

Royal Albert Hall

[Not taken last night when it was pouring with rain]

I love Sibelius’s Second Symphony, so I cycled over to the Royal Albert Hall last night to see it performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra. It was also being broadcast on BBC Four (and Radio 3, of course).
Before that we had the premiere of a new piece by Mark-Anthony Turnage, and Barber’s Violin Concerto with an exquisite violin solo from Gil Shaham.
Then we had the second symphony, and it’s just a wonderful piece – easily in my top ten of classical compositions.
As an aside, it was pouring with rain last night and yet for complicated reasons, I took a Borisbike to the Royal Albert Hall. I was soaked to the skin below the waist as I only had a waterproof jacket. On the way back the rain had relented a little, although it was still wet. Since it’s a fair walk to South Kensington tube, I took another bike back and attempted the Royal Albert Hall to King’s Cross inside half an hour. It should be quite possible, although with traffic lights against you, it’s a challenge. And that’s without the weather. In the end – I got within one docking station of King’s Cross, convinced I was about to trip a pound fee, something I try not to do if I can. But a printout revealed I still had four minutes which would have been plenty of time to reach the final stop. And with all the rain, full docking stations were not going to be an issue.