1. Re. Coast. I rather like this – even if old shows do get repeated or turned into short 5/10-minute fillers.
    This one is a new series (no 5) but the Beeb are rattling through it very quickly and shunting it around the schedule. Tonight’s episode is a repeat of the one shown on Sunday, while tomorrow night is episode 4/8 – so two episodes in a week.
    C5 – another of those channels I only seem to watch while pressing the Channel Up/Down button! I can’t remember the last time I actually watched anything in full (or close to it) on 5. Having said that, I might check out the Dan Cruickshank prog.

  2. I must admit that I quite like Coast, but if you repeat something too frequently (and it’s repeated an awful lot on the BBC HD channel too), then it becomes hard to tell when a new series is beginning.
    The Dan Cruikshank programme is really a National Geographic programme that Five might have put a couple of quid into. I’m not sure it’ll be up Richard Desmond’s street long-term though.

  3. Mongrels on BBC Three is one of the funniest shows they’ve made for years… definately worth a watch!

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