RAJAR Adopting Digital

Over at the Onegoldensquare blog, I’ve written about what RAJAR is doing to upgrade its methodology and include a proportion of respondents completing their RAJAR diaries online.
I should point out that I sit on the RAJAR Technical Management Group who implemented this, so I’m generally speaking in favour of its introduction!
You can read RAJAR’s press release here, and the BBC’s Torin Douglas on the same issue here.
[Update] I’ve linked to this in the comments, but it’s well worth reading Paul Easton’s piece on where and why we are where we are currently with RAJAR in the UK.


  1. Whilst it is a good thing RAJAR is going down this route, I don’t see why they are making fuss about it.
    It is 2011!
    RAJAR should have kept this development quiet, because all the PR is doing is making it obvious to anyone who didn’t know already how old fasioned the process was anyway.

  2. Ash,
    In some ways you’re right – this is simply an evolution of where we were previously.
    However, even with technology, there simply isn’t a better way to record radio currently. PPM’s in the US are flawed in so many ways I can’t begin to explain here. It’d be disastrous to adopt them – yet they’re the most viable alternative to diaries.
    Paul Easton has written a really good piece explaining how we’ve got to where we are.

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