Passports Don’t Like Washing Machines

That’s the sad news that I learnt this week following an unfortunate incident that essentially involved me not checking the pockets of a pair of trousers.
Interestingly, if you need a replacement in a rush and you check the relevant section of the website, you are told that the Premium one-day service is not available for replacement passports.
In my case, a forthcoming trip meant that timescales were tight and I opted for the one-week service. But that still means an interview in a passport office. And when I phoned their hotline, the London office had no available interview slots in the period I needed to get to it.
So it was off to sunny Peterborough, where the friendly staff were very efficient, and my application was swiftly processed. Then – very surprisingly – I was asked if I wanted the same-day service. That is, the service the website said wasn’t available.
Given all the fun of having to be around when a courier delivered the new passport, I said yes. And just over three and a half hours later, I had my new passport.
I thought it was worth sharing this information in case you, dear reader, ever face something similar.
PS A certain DJ of my acquaintance tells me that he’s put his passport through the washing machine on no fewer than three separate occasions!


  1. Hi Adam,
    I’ve used the one week service for a replacement before and whilst it is sent by courier, they don’t need a signature, so no need for anyone to be home.

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