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Mirror Box

Mirror Box 2
These photos were made by placing a camera on self-timer in a “mirror box” built with mirrored tiles.
All based on a very smart idea I saw on Photojojo and detailed at Digital Composting. The box that I built was built precisely to those specifications.
Mirror Box 1
I used 12″ square tiles I bought from Mirrorworld who you’ll be pleased to learn package the tiles very well indeed.
I used Duct tape to hold the hole thing together, taping the four walls together so that they fold flat, leaving the base mirror untouched, and taping a handle onto the top mirror for “closing” the box. I just need to add some kind of overhand to allow the top tile to sit comfortably.
I need to try a few more things, but now I’ve fashioned the box (which I can semi pack down), so look for some more photos soon. In particular, getting some smoke into it and trying a laser-pointer could be fun…