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Redefining Radio

Because I was somewhat involved, I can’t really present an unbiased view of yesterday’s Redefining Radio conference presented by Absolute Radio at the Houses of Parliament (But I did think it was very good).
So instead, let me link to all the videos from the morning, as well as some external reports generated from the day.
Here’s James Wigley’s presentation which explains Absolute Radio’s efforts to personalise on-line advertising:

The rest of the videos, including Director of BBC Audio & Music, Tim Davie’s speech, can be seen over here.
Here’s an interview with Tim Davie from The Guardian, and Tim and Clive Dickens feature in today’s Media Talk podcast.
The Telegraph has a good piece, as does Music Week. And there’s a piece in Media Week – but you may find it’s paywalled.
Matt Deegan said some nice things, as does Radiowork’s Simon Pearce.
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