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Curious Pricing

We all know that if we buy bigger packs of products, we tend to save money. But in the strange world of confectionary, that’s not always the case.
I was in Waitrose earlier, and it being February, there are clearly lots of Cadbury Creme eggs about.
But the pricing was slightly odd.
£1.55 for 3
I could buy a box of three for £1.55 (about 52p each). But just below, loose Creme Eggs were priced at £1.20 for 3 (40p each).
£1.20 for 3
So anyone who wants three eggs should buy loose ones.
But wait! For just 32p more, I could buy a box of six Creme Eggs.
£1.52 for 6
That’s just over 25p each. And for some reason a box of six is actually cheaper than a box of three. Probably not going to help the diet.
Maybe I six doesn’t cut it. I should get a larger pack and try to save even more! Handily, there’s yet another special offer.
£5 for 12
I can get 12 Creme Eggs for £5. But that’s just under 43p each – and much more expensive than buying in sixes. Indeed, it’s cheaper to buy them loose in threes rather than in a large box.
I suppose the thing to note here is that if you’re buying Creme Eggs in Waitrose, get them in sixes.
I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s usually always cheaper to buy loose fruit and veg rather than pre-packaged ones. And when products have a multiplicity of special offers, it’s not always obvious what the cheapest way is to buy soft drinks or beers. And Which recently launched a campaign to aid consumers in unit prices.
I was still surprised by quite how disparate this pricing was though.