State Intimidation

I’m thoroughly sickened to learn of the intimidatory behaviour that representative of the UK have made against the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald in holding his partner for 9 hours for questioning under Section of the Terrorism Act. He’s not suspected of terrorism, and therefore it’s entirely intimidatory.
Is this the kind of thing that a democratic country does?
Were it the friend or relative of, say, a Chinese dissident, I wouldn’t be surprised. But is this what we do in the UK?
It’s sickening.
I’ve written to my MP. Feel free to do the same.
Dear Nick de Bois,
I am thoroughly dismayed to read this morning that the UK Authorities have held the partner of a journalist under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act, seemingly to simply intimidate the journalist involved. What seems clear is that the man involved was in no way suspected of being a terrorist himself, suggesting misuse of the law.
This is simply outrageous, and an appalling thing for a democratic country to be doing.
This is the behaviour of a totalitarian regime – something we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that China was doing. When allied with some of the surveillance techniques that are being applied to our every day communications, this seems directly at odds with the libertarianism that the Conservative party claims to stand for.
Just to be very clear. I will NOT be voting in future for any representative of a Government that sanctions this kind of intimidatory behaviour.
I’m loathed to draw analogies with recent history in other parts of Europe, but you can’t help but think of Europe of the thirties.
I demand a full inquiry into how this bullying behaviour was sanctioned. I don’t care how embarrassing the revelations that the Edward Snowden leaks are to the UK or US Governments. I think he’s done us a great service in a time when secret laws, and secret rules seem to prevail.
I look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,
Adam Bowie





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  1. Kevin Spencer avatar

    Journalism is not terrorism. The fact that he was held under a terrorism statute in an attempt to intimidate his partner is shameful and unforgivable. The fact that they did this knowing what a negative reaction it would receive makes it somewhat more troubling.
    Not a proud day for Britain that’s for certain.