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WordPress Up and Running

I’ve migrated my blog over to WordPress.

With luck most things should be working fine, including feeds – the main way that people see this blog’s writing. You shouldn’t have to do anything, and old links should redirect accordingly.

However in the short term, feed readers may re-present some older updates on a one-off basis.

And if you do spot anything obvious broken, please do drop me a note (Commenting should be much easier now).

This is probably something of a work in progress, so you may see changes in layout and design over the coming weeks as I come across things I don’t like. That’s especially true because at the moment, it still looks a bit “WordPress-y” for my liking.

I will publish a detailed piece that goes through some of the trials and tribulations I came across – if only to help the three other people in the world who might be facing the same issues as me if they want to upgrade.