Written by Radio Times

Radio Times – Christmas Day 2013

Here’s my sort-of-annual guide to what’s on TV and radio on Christmas Day – as seen through the pages of my annotated Radio Times (as very slightly featured in #6 on this Buzzfeed list).

Click on the pictures below to go fullscreen. Flickr has changed the way they do things recently, and that’ll take you through to the site direct. If that’s still not big enough to view on your device, then click here or here for high resolution images.

UPDATE: When I went through the Radio Times I was a bit dismissive of Channel 4’s Alternative Christmas Message noting there’d been no PR this year. That’s because they only announced on Christmas Eve that they’d fit Edward Snowdon doing it. That makes it easily the most interesting programme on Christmas Day! I might have been a bit unfair on the amount of live radio in the morning too. Still – the afternoon should make up for that.

(I must admit that I both like and dislike the new Flickr way of embedding photos. On the one hand, it’s easy for viewers to see fullsize versions of photos. On the other, you quickly get sucked into my regular Flickr stream, and not my carefully chosen images as featured on this page!)