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Big Data Really Works

Two great examples!

Despite a wealth of left-leaning and liberal titles bought from Amazon over the years, yesterday they sent me this special one day deal:


More on the money was the fact that I like a bit of folk music. So a targeted Amazon folk email seems sensible, especially as it highlights the brand new Bellowhead album, Revival, that was released this week.


However I actually pre-ordered and bought the album from Amazon – I received it on Monday!

OK. The Kindle daily ebook email is a standard thing and it’s the same for everybody. For whatever reason Amazon chose a Nigel Farage title to promote yesterday. Today it’s a Jeffrey Archer novel incidentally. Not sure what that says about the Kindle team’s political leanings.

And the reason for the Bellowhead duplicate? Well I bought the “deluxe” edition (i.e. with an extra CD), and I’ve no doubt that Amazon’s system somehow sees this as a different product altogether. After all, it has a different ASIN (Amazon product identifier).