Cyclo Cross World Cup – Milton Keynes 2014 – Part 1

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-19

Over the weekend, it was the Milton Keynes round of the UCI’s Cyclo Cross World Cup. It’s the first time a round of this event has taken place outside mainland Europe. So definitely worth a 30 minute train ride up to see it! The event took place on a specially built course in Campbell Park, the park to the north of the town centre.

Here’s what you need to know – although the weekend’s events took place in the dry, it had certainly been raining there recently. This was serious mud.

The park is naturally hilly, and the course went up and down parts of it, with the expected sections where you have to carry your bike. But some flat sections were also so muddy, you had to carry your bike.

You can read more about the races here, but needless to say, I took a lot of photos. You can some of the photos from the womens’ race here, and the rest on Flickr. The mens’ race is to follow.

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-23

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-24

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-7

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-5

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-40

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-51

CXWC Milton Keynes 2014 Women-49


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