The Unthanks at The Roundhouse

Walking to The Unthanks-19

I went to see The Unthanks yesterday at The Roundhouse in Camden. For no obvious reason, and having been to see an exhibition at Tate Modern first (Conflict, Time – I only found it so-so to be honest), I decided to walk to Camden for the concert, taking photos as I went.

Here are a few, with the rest on Flickr.

The gig was fantastic, which isn’t surprising since Mount the Air is a terrific new album. More than that, the title track was a thing of beauty when they performed it second track in. It’s a ten minute epic and it’s just gorgeous. Rachel and Becky Unthank were accompanied by a band of beautiful strings and percussion. But special credit must go to trumpeter Victoria Rule. A wonderful night.

Walking to The Unthanks-1

Walking to The Unthanks-2

Walking to The Unthanks-6

Walking to The Unthanks-9

Walking to The Unthanks-15

Walking to The Unthanks-21

Walking to The Unthanks-17


  1. Cheers Kevin. That was one of those “I have to grab my camera out of my bag and grab this picture as soon as possible” moments. The sun was actually way off to the right but viciously reflecting off a glass building on the other side of the bridge.

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