Today We Are 15!

Somewhere over Hertfordshire

Happy Birthday me!

This blog is 15 today. This is probably only of academic interest to most people, but who says blogs don’t have legs?

Over time this blog has morphed and changed a bit. But I still enjoy using it as an outlet for writing about things that interest me. And yes, for showing off photos and videos.

I confess that unlike the tenth anniversary, I’ve not bought the blog a cake and some candles. I’ve not even done some lists. The best I can give you is the photos above and below that were taken locally yesterday.

Chase Farm Hospital





2 responses to “Today We Are 15!”

  1. Kevin Spencer avatar

    Congratulations. I love that independent publishing on the open web is still a thing, and applaud all those still doing it. Many have retreated behind the Facebook walled garden and it’s a crying shame.

  2. adambowie avatar

    Cheers Kevin!