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Conviction by Denise Mina

Conviction cover

Anna is living a double life; a true crime podcast is exploring the sinking of a luxury yacht. How are these two things linked?

That’s the set-up for the superb new crime thriller from Denise Mina. Anna is having a bad day. Her husband is about to run away with her best friend, taking her two daughters with her. Certainly their marriage had been struggling, but had it come to this?

To get away from reality, Anna has become a true crime podcast addict. The latest one is about the unusual sinking of a luxury yacht off the French coast. Anna is floored when she realises she knows the father who died with his two daughters on the boat. The ship’s cook has been jailed for the murders, but the podcast suggests other unearthed evidence.

And what has Anna herself been running away from all these years?

Anna teams up with her friend’s ex, a former musician himself trying to recover from an eating disorder. Together, can they get to the bottom of what’s happened?

This book is an absolute page-turner and manages to combine a number of very contemporary and very relevant themes – not least the surge of interest in true-crime podcasts. The book plays with social media and how the classic “on the run” scenario can be affected if members of the public can snap you in airports with their phones.

Mina keeps us, and her characters, on our toes. The characters are flawed and believable.            

I absolutely loved this book – a wonderful read.

Thanks to Random House UK, Vintage Publishing and Netgalley for my ARC. Conviction is out now in hardback and digital.