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Keep Him Close by Emily Koch

Two mothers: one with a dead son, and one with a son who has admitted to killing the other.

Keep Him Close jumps back and forward between Alice and Indigo (as well as occasionally other characters), as they try to understand what happened on a night out in the city when Alice’s son Lou fell to his death from a car park. Indigo’s son Kane has admitted guilt, but everyone seems very coy about what actually happened.

Alice’s other son, Benny, had been there earlier in the evening, but says he’d left. And CCTV shows that there was someone else there too, but nobody’s saying anything.

The police seem to have the case wrapped up, but could there be more to things than meets the eye?

Indigo doesn’t believe her son could have done it, while Alice needs to understand more.

This book keeps you guessing despite there surely not being all that many possible outcomes to what happened that late summer’s evening. Koch gives us believable characters – the more tightly wound Alice, who’s brought up her children as single mother whilst holding down her job in the library. And the more open relationship between Indigo and her son Kane.

A superior thriller.

Thanks to Random House UK, Vintage Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC. Keep Him Close is out in hardback on 19 March 2020, and on Kindle on 12 March 2020.