Red Moon

Red Moon

I’m currently watching For All Mankind on Apple TV+. The series is one of a handful that Apple has made free for a “limited time.” Coming from Ron (Battlestar Galactica) Moore, it was for me the most intriguing of Apple’s launch series, and I’m a little under halfway through it and really enjoying it. The story posits an alternative space race, starting with the moon landings in 1969, except the Soviet Union has got there first.

Last night as I went to bed, the moon was low in the sky and peeking through my blinds. It’s in a waning gibbous phase at the moment, but last night it appeared with a faint orange – or red – glow to it. Oddly, this comes a few days after a so-called “pink supermoon,” although there’s not actually any colour difference for that.

This also reminds me that although my reading has slowed dramatically during the lockdown, I really do need to return to the Ian McDonald’s Luna books.