Reveil 2020

Reveil 2020

This weekend is the annual Reveil event organised around the Locus Sonus Soundmap.

The idea of the broadcast is that it captures the dawn chorus across the world, following the sunrise – or pre-dawn really – as birds wake up and sing.

I’ve written about this before, including last year, detailing how to go about building a streaming box using a Raspberry Pi. Essentially from pre-dawn on Saturday 2 May to post-dawn on Sunday 3 May – Dawm Chorus Day – a live radio feed is generated using microphones placed in locations all over the world recording the natural sounds that they hear.

Here’s some audio I captured earlier this week to give you a flavour of what it might sound like locally.

Dawn Chorus, edited, late April 2020, North London

I’ve been doing this for a few years, although without formally taking part. This year, I’m in the schedule – although being in London probably doesn’t help, as there are lots of people in London!

The radio stream itself gets distributed all over the place, including on Resonance Extra on DAB in London and a few other places (as well as online of course) from 2am to 8am tomorrow morning.

The broadcast runs for a full 24 hours, so check the website for full details. What better thing to listen to in these troubling times?

NB. The picture above is not reflective of my urban location! And that’s a sunset rather than a sunrise. But otherwise…