Written by Screen Printing

New T-Shirts

Since like many, I have a little more time on my hands, I’ve been trying to improve my screen-printing set-up. That includes some new larger screens which make the printing easier. I’ve also moved on from a 250W photo-flood bulb to a 1000W halogen bulb. UV is where it’s really at, but after some experimentation, I’ve got this set-up where I want it now.

The only thing I’ve not really tried yet is switching away from Speedball’s Diazo Emulsion. It’s a popular hobby brand, but I know that there are other, cheaper, and possibly better alternatives.

I also need to improve my workstation at home. I’d looked at some cheap ones on eBay that all seem to come from the Czech Republic. But I’m now more inclined to build my own.

In the meantime, recent “inspiration” has come from some TV series and NASA. None of these is challenging, but I needed to get my routine down. Next up is coming up with some imaginative new artwork. Half a tub of mixed emulsion that has an expiry date on it, means I need to get cracking.

Finally, I’ve also started buying T-shirts direct from a specific vendor. It’s cheaper that way, and there is much more range available in fabrics and colours. Far better than just picking up whatever M&S or supermarkets have in stock.