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Just Like the Other Girls by Claire Douglas

Just Like the Other Girls

This is a twisty little tale where you’re never quite sure where the story is heading.

Una has just got a job as a live-in companion to the wealthy, but cold Elspeth. But the money is good, and she’s willing to put up with the fact that Elspeth’s daughter Kathryn really doesn’t take to her.

But in due course, she begins to learn that she’s not the first companion that has lived in the house. There were two before her, and nobody is really talking much about them. What happened? And who’s responsible?

The book tells the story from a handful of perspectives, and just when you think you’ve worked out what’s happening, something else will come along  to throw you off course and introduce something new.

The Bristol setting is fun, with a noir-ish tone to it. The Clifton Suspension Bridge plays a key role, and it comes across as a lonely place.

Of course there are some contrivances in a story like this. The police seem enormously disinterested, and there is a lot going on across a relatively small set of characters. But that all said, it kept me guessing right to the end.

Thanks to the NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book in return for an honest review. Just Like the Other Girls is out now is paperback and e-book.