Site Refresh

Site Refresh

It has been an awfully long time since I gave this site a thorough refresh, and now it has one.

This site has been around in one form or another since 2002, beginning on the Movable Type platform. Sometime around 2013, I finally migrated it over to WordPress, always wanting to maintain my full history as I went.

As is the way of things with WordPress, you find yourself adding things via plugins, and before you know it, you have dozens that you can’t remember quite what they did. So for this refresh I’ve tried to get rid of most things and start over design-wise. And I’ve basically removed all the Twitter/X bits and pieces. I’ve not deleted my account yet, but I really can’t be bothered with it any more. WordPress’ “Social Links” function doesn’t yet have a nice Threads logo, so that’s ugly and unclear, but I’ll fix it when it does. And while I’ve just got onto Bluesky, I’ve no idea if I’ll be sticking around.

I think the new design is a lot cleaner, and WordPress has come on an awful lot since I started with it. Sure, some of those fancier systems allow drag-and-drop, but I’ve gone with the Twenty Twenty-Three theme which has a bunch of styles within the theme. These give you great jumping off points to go from. I have notably not played around with child themes, tweaking CSS or anything. Fortunately, that seems less necessary.

I am by no means a WordPress expert, and I suspect that some things on here may be broken. The most annoying thing I’ve found is that <iframe> embeds don’t automatically follow site rules and align themselves hard-left. I’ve updated some more recent entries, but older RAJAR posts will look a bit ugly.

The other thing I can’t quite work out at the moment seems to be specific to the “Marigold” style within the Twenty Twenty-Three theme. Let me demonstrate by putting some text in “

This is a level one Heading – it’s big!

This is a level two Heading – still quite big

This is level three – getting smaller

This is level four – smaller still

This is level five – even smaller
This is level six – the smallest it will go

I can tweak the settings of all these as much as I like. Level 6 by default is UPPERCASE, but I could change that.

But the title of this blog entry at the top is supposed to a level one heading, and yet it’s around the same size as level four inside the post. Very strange. Other “styles” within the theme behave properly.

One final note – I’ve added a new logo to the site, and it’s the site’s favicon too. I had hung onto my old favicon for ages, but something broke a few months back and I hadn’t gotten around to fixing until today.

If you do spot anything that’s broken, please do shout!





2 responses to “Site Refresh”

  1. Kevin Spencer avatar

    Nice! And much respect from another Movable Type refugee.

  2. adambowie avatar

    Thanks Kevin! Yes – that shift from Movable Type was scary.