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  • Comet NEOWISE: Part 3

    Comet NEOWISE: Part 3

    After a week of mostly cloudy weather, Friday night looked like it might be slightly clear. But I also wanted to find somewhere new to take pictures. As it happens, I ended up where I was previously. I cycled over to a high point on a road near a local country park. But I was…

  • Comet NEOWISE: Part 2

    Comet NEOWISE: Part 2

    Following my previous attempts at photographing Comet NEOWISE, I went out again late on Sunday evening. With Nautical Twilight ending at just after 11:00pm, I headed off just before then to see if the visibility would be decent for another stab at photographing NEOWISE. I was keen to get out on Sunday because the weather…

  • Hunting Comet NEOWISE

    Hunting Comet NEOWISE

    There’s a new comet in the skies, and it’s perhaps the most visible comet we’ve had for 25 years. Comet NEOWISE (or more formally, C/2020 F3) is so named because it was discovered by the NEOWISE space telescope back in March. It’s now visible in our skies and is actually pretty bright if you go…