Aldwych on Exposure

I’m continuing to play around with the best way of displaying photos online, and a new kid on the block is Exposure. They use high resolution photos that fully utilise screen real estate to make pleasingly simple photo layouts.

Interestingly, although they’re free for your first three sets of photos, you need to pay after that. That’s because, as they explain, they wanted a business proposition from the outset, and didn’t want to get customers and then try to work out how to monetise them. In any case, advertising would really spoil the experience.

I’ve now put a couple of sets onto the service. My latest is a collection of photos taken at the now closed Aldwych tube station on The Strand.

Previously, I put some photos of Suffolk on the service.

I don’t see myself abandoning Flickr any time too soon. And while Google+ is doing a lot with photos, I’m not ready to fully utilise that either. Exposure recently added the ability to use custom domains. If that extended to sub-domains (it may – I’ve not checked) then it might be a solution to my currently underwhelming photography page.

I would like more control how Flickr lets you embed photos externally though. For example, the photo above is an iframe, and while it lets visitors easily see a fullscreen version of the photo (if they’re on itself – they may not get the fullscreen option in a reader like Feedly), there is nothing to stop the viewer disappearing off into my full Flickr photoset. While in and of itself, that mightn’t be a bad thing, I’m generally using a photo to illustrate some writing.

Currently you can still embed the “old” way if you revert to the older style Flickr. I’m not as hung up on Flickr as some are, and while they now seem to have a tendency to launch products before they’re ready, I’m pleased to see Yahoo finally developing the platform.

I do shortly face the dilemma of whether I continue on my grandfathered subscription plan, or whether I stop paying and start to see ads. I tend to think that I use Flickr enough that I don’t want advertising though. I’ll have to wait and see.





One response to “Aldwych on Exposure”

  1. Kevin Spencer avatar

    As long as Flickr continue to offer the non-iframe embed I’ll be happy. I hope the beta photo page just hasn’t been updated with the option to do that. I’ve switched back to the non-beta version in the meantime.

    And thanks for mentioning Exposure, I’d never heard of it before, looks really interesting.