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  • Aurora Borealis

    Aurora Borealis

    Today there was a massive geomagnetic storm that hit the earth, causing a solar storm across much of the northern hemisphere. In turn, this meant that the aurora borealis, was suddenly much more likely to become visible even as far south as London. I live on the northern edge of London, so headed off with…

  • Trent Park – Autumn 2023

    Trent Park – Autumn 2023

    It has been a while since I made a drone video and published it here, so here’s one shot at the weekend in Trent Park, just at the northern tip of London. The changing colours have come late this year. The following day, I was racing through the same park as part of a team…

  • L’Étape du Tour 2023

    L’Étape du Tour 2023

    This entry is also available as an episode of Explore from The Cycling Podcast much of which I recorded at this year’s Étape. Listen to the episode below. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts! In October each year, ASO, the organisers of the Tour de France and now the Tour de France Femmes, announce the…

  • The Sycamore Gap

    The Sycamore Gap

    Such awful news that possibly the most famous tree in the country was cut down by a vandal. I was lucky to visit the area in 2017 and of course I had to capture photos the iconic tree.

  • Tour of Britain 2023 – Photos

    Tour of Britain 2023 – Photos

    I’m trying some new photo formats. This isn’t quite working yet. I may return to it to fix things…

  • Tour of Britain 2023 – Stage 6

    Tour of Britain 2023 – Stage 6

    The 2023 Tour of Britain passed close to me today, so of course I headed out to catch the riders coming through. Running an event like the Tour of Britain isn’t easy in the current economic climate, and so the organisers basically are limited in where they go based on the councils that will pay…

  • Spitfire and Hurricane

    Spitfire and Hurricane

    On Sunday I went for a stupidly long bike ride and towards the end of my ride, just to the southeast of Bedford, while I was stopped, gulping down another gel to power me to the ride’s end, I heard old engine noises in the air. Over to the east I could see planes flying…

  • Partial Solar Eclipse

    Partial Solar Eclipse

    There was a partial solar eclipse visible from the UK today. I dug out a homemade solar filter I first assembled sometime in 2012! It’s a cardboard affair made using Baader AstroSolar film which looks like a kind of foil and blocks 99.999% of light. Even then, to get a photograph of the sun, you…

  • A New Footpath

    A New Footpath

    At the weekend I ran into a friend who had been out on his bike and had been cycling along a new path. Well, it’s not really a new path in that the existing path has been on Ordnance Survey maps for a long time, and is actually part of the London Loop, the trail…

  • Upping Your WFH Video Game

    Upping Your WFH Video Game

    This piece by Alex Cranz at The Verge really struck a chord with me. In the piece Alex writes about her trials and tribulations with trying to use her nice Sony mirrorless camera as a webcam, and generally having a good Working From Home video set-up. I’m 100% onboard with this. Fairly soon after lockdown…

  • Festive 500

    Festive 500

    The “Festive 500” was a cycling challenge cooked up by Rapha, the cycle-clothing company, in 2010 to promote more cycling across the Christmas and New Year period. Essentially the idea is that you cycle 500KM between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. With the advent of Covid, the “rules” allow to achieve this either out…

  • Wimbledon 2021

    Wimbledon 2021

    It’s been an awfully long time since I last attended an actual in-person sporting event, so it was great to be able to get a ticket to Wimbledon this year. Prior to the pandemic Wimbledon had finally gone digital in their ticket allocation. Previously, to enter the public ballot, you had to send away for…