Snow and Mist

Snow and Mist from Adam Bowie on Vimeo.

The country has been covered with snow for the last week or so, but it’s not straightforward to get some spectacular drone shots because of the weather. Consumer drones aren’t capable of flying while it’s snowing. And you also have to consider wind speed, and there’s been quite a lot of that.

So my only practicable solution was to get up very early in the morning. Although a fresh fall of snow had been dropped the previous afternoon, and overnight the temperatures had remained sub-zero, but this morning the melt was very much on.

I shot this video and these pictures during a misty dawn. There was still plenty of snow on the ground, although it would disappear fairly rapidly as the day went on. The key thing to always remember with snow photography is that you need to increase the exposure beyond where the camera thinks it should be.






2 responses to “Snow and Mist”

  1. Kevin Spencer avatar

    I’ve mostly avoided drone tech so far. But each time I see what you’ve been able to do I’m more intrigued. Just great.

  2. adambowie avatar

    Cheers Kevin. I think I mostly enjoy some of the perspectives you can get from drones that you just wouldn’t otherwise see. I wouldn’t pretend that drones are the be all and end all, but in the right places they can give you something unique.

    What’s really good now is their portability. I used to use a Phantom 3, and the trouble was it needed its own rucksack. You had to go our specifically in the knowledge you’d be using it. Now you can start to carry a drone with you at all times as you probably do a camera. I’ve got a DJI Mavic Pro, but the smaller DJI Mavic Air that’s just come out is even more compact and improves in some ways on the Mavic Pro.