Eight Seconds

Eight Seconds

This year is the 30th anniversary of what in my lifetime has been the greatest Tour de France of all time. In 1989, American Greg LeMond defeated Lauren Fignon by just 8 seconds with everything coming down to a unique final stage time trial. Usually, the end of the Tour is a processional stage followed by a final sprint – the race outcome having already been decided.

That Tour, as I’ve previously written, was one of the first I saw on TV, via Channel 4’s daily coverage.

So I was very pleased to be able to help produce two episode’s of KM0, the Tour de France daily documentary series that The Cycling Podcast produces. Lionel Birnie talked to Francois Thomazeau, who was reporting the race, and to the Greg and Kathy LeMond. Francois also spoke with Jean-Marie Leblanc, the Tour organiser who oversaw that edition of the race. With a few snippets of race commentary, the pair of episodes tell the story of one of the great sporting fights.

(Yes – this year’s race is hotting up nicely too. We definitely don’t know who’s going to win!)