North Norfolk

North Norfolk

I actually got out of my home town for the first time in months recently, to visit my parents on the North Norfolk coast. While I was there I dusted down my drone at shot the footage above in Sheringham and Blakeney.

Note that while flying in Blakeney, my drone came “under attack” from some local oystercatchers.

I know they were oystercatchers because they got so close to my drone, I was able to identify them later. Since the rotors of my drone would do neither the birds, nor my drone, any good, I retreated. They dispersed. I took the air again, and of course they came back. I now know that oystercatchers are very protective of their “patch.”

This video is also the first one I’ve properly edited on my new computer. Hardware encoding with my graphics card is very nice, and everything worked seamlessly including some completely unnecessarily flashy graphical effects I’ve added in the video above just to put the machine through its paces a bit. The camera tracking for these shots was easily the most time consuming.