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  • Photography Portfolio

    Photography Portfolio

    For those who are interested, I’ve just rebuilt my photography portfolio, which incorporates a bit of video and screen printing too. The link at the top now takes you to an exciting new page, which has a much neater design asthetic. Yes, I’m using one of those new(ish) domains. And it should be full…

  • DJI Osmo Pocket: A Slow Motion Test

    Over Christmas I treated myself to a new camera – the newly released DJI Osmo Pocket. This thing is a wondrously small gimbal mounted camera, that I thought might be really interesting to carry with me on bike rides. This absolutely isn’t a proper review, since I’ve not had the device long enough. Instead, it’s…

  • Late Autumn

    I thought I’d try to get my drone up for the dying days of autumn before the leaves have fully gone and the cold settles in. So late afternoon on Saturday I captured some footage over Trent Park.  I was pretty satisifed with the results, and because I’m seeing Amiina on Sunday evening, I used…

  • Epping Autumn

    A lovely autumn day meant I could both go for a cycle ride and take the drone out flying. The results are above.

  • Cycle to Work

    This is a quick video I shot the other day of my ride to work. Shot with a cheap GoPro Hero 4 Session, I’ve run it through Microsoft’s Hyperlapse application. I’m not sure that app gets an awful lot of love, despite being really useful for making this kind of video. The stabilisation is immense,…

  • Empty Essex

    Empty Essex from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. Empty Essex is the name of ride in Jack Thurston’s excellent Lost Lanes book (NB. The first one. There have been two others since, for Wales and the West Country). The route starts in Southminster in Essex, heading out to Bradwell-on-Sea and past the St Peter-on-the-Wall chapel on…

  • Hertfordshire Borders

    Hertfordshire Borders from Adam Bowie on Vimeo.

  • Dimanche à Vélo

    Dimanche à vélo from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. From last Sunday, trying out a different way to mount my Garmin Virb Ultra 30. I’m not completely convinced that I wouldn’t be better off with a high end GoPro rather than this, although it does let you add data overlays to video very easily. Inevitably, the…

  • Ride to Cambridge

    Saturday was a nice day for a ride. Cambridge Ride from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. And via Relive, here is the route I took. Relive ‘Ride to Cambridge’

  • Fens: Ely to Cambridge

    Cambridge to Ely from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. From a ride I did earlier in the year between Ely and Cambridge, taking my drone and using a bike camera.

  • Snow and Mist

    Snow and Mist from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. The country has been covered with snow for the last week or so, but it’s not straightforward to get some spectacular drone shots because of the weather. Consumer drones aren’t capable of flying while it’s snowing. And you also have to consider wind speed, and there’s been…

  • Waves

    Waves from Adam Bowie on Vimeo. Shot with my Pixel 2 earlier today as high winds and rain battered the coast.